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Summoning a spirit

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

If you need me to summon a spirit away from your home, there is an initial fee of $15.00. I am available to summon spirits every Saturday. Please click the button below to book a spirit summoning, then send me an email at with all of your contact information and I will get back with you A.S.A.P.

This also applies to any spirit dolls that you may be interested in purchasing from another seller. If you would like me to summon that spirit to find out if the posted story is correct and that spirit is safe to enter into your home, I will be happy to find out for you for the $15.00 summoning fee. The fee must be paid in advance before I do any summoning. If I am unable to complete the summoning or I find there is no spirit connected with that doll, you can either have your money refunded to you, or you can use it as credit towards something else in my store. Don't ask me if I can "just read the energy" for free. My time is valuable and that work is exhausting. So please click the buy now button below for me to summon a spirit for you and do a reading.

If you do not want the spirit back after I summon it, there will be a disposal fee of $10.00. You can either choose that option before the summoning, or come back here after I have spoken with the spirit, and you decide you do not want the spirit back. Please click the button below for that service.

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