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Pumpkins and Candles

Welcome to Salem Willow Witchery

To easily navigate on this site, you can either select catalog at the very top of the page, or you can click on the different sections. You will eventually end up on a blog page where all items for sale will be listed. You can quickly find the item you want by selecting the option you desire, i.e. spirit dolls, handmade items, etc. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

~ Witch Willow ~

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Image by Neven Krcmarek

About Salem Willow Witchery....

Merry Meet Darlings,

I am Witch Willow, a Salem, Massachusetts trained necromantic witch. I am also a psychic medium; and I am constantly surrounded by the spirits of the departed. Some spirits need help, and some spirits want to be helpful. That is my place in this world, to help the living, by helping the departed. I have many spirits who want me to help them find a place in this world. They want to find a home and someone who will welcome them. This is why I created this site. To not only be able to match these dolls that the spirits attach themselves to with the right homes; but provide a one stop shop for anyone who is curious about witch life, and is in need of knowledge and supplies. I have a Youtube channel, where you can not only watch videos of my interviews with the spirits looking for new homes, but you can also watch how to videos, on witchcraft and witch life. If you don't have any spare owls laying around, to deliver your notes, you can email me at

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Spirit dolls

The spirits of the departed have 
chosen these dolls to inhabit
Will you invite them into your home?


Witchcraft Supplies

These items are hand made and
authentic. Formulated for use in witchcraft and spell work.


 Energy jewelry & crystals

Jewelry and gemstones that are energized so that
you can bring your spirits with you,
or keep them energized in your home.

Home: Services
ghost in the glass.jpg

Are you haunted?

but don't know by whom?

I am available for spirit summonings every Saturday.
The fee for a simple summoning is $15.
Entrapment/dismissal is an additional $10.
All summonings will be filmed and posted 
to my Youtube channel.
Please email me at to give me your information and I will  
contact you for further information as soon as possible.

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